Stage three:

Cultivation after Enlightenment

Original Nature will have been too obvious, it may seem so simple that it is easy to doubt this enlightenment. The practitioner needs to express their understanding and receive confirmation from the master at this stage. When they finally become confident of the absolute nature of their True Self, they can begin their practice of Bo-rim, the practice necessary after enlightenment.

There is always the opportunity for the practitioner to confirm or test their enlightenment as well as discuss their individual Bo-rim during the question answer sessions at the end of a Dharma Lecture.


Third stage of practice: “See through your boundless nature”, “Remain mindful”

If we were to extract the essence of the 84,000 sutras and make it a single sentence it would be, “see through your boundless nature”. There is no other phrase that is so concise yet can lead a practitioner to the actual state of being able to simultaneously reflect inwards while functioning at a high level.

If you look through your Mind, not your eyes, then there can be no distinction between the external world and you Original Nature. There is no separation from subject and object. This is because originally there was nothing outside of mind. So when you see and hear, seeing becomes one with everything; hearing is entirety.

But if the practitioner tries to remain in this state, deep and pure, like what they experienced when the master first pointed out their Self Nature, then they will likely be unable to maintain it in their everyday life.

The master encourages students to try to maintain their practice throughout their everyday life. Through his dharma lectures and teachings, he meticulously guides his students to the Samadhi required to transcend life and death:

“As long as this state is continuous, then this is deep. As long as no other thoughts rise and fall then this is pure.”
“If you only practice while sitting, then your practice will falter when you get up, that is why only this type of practice will not avail you at your time of death.
“When you continually get distracted and you cannot maintain your practice, this is the result of past habits. Just as a chicken continues to peck after grains, you must continue to reflect over and over again.”

Once seeing through this boundless state becomes comfortable,
then on the contrary, it is easy to lose this state or become unravelled.
So to longtime practitioners, there is the teaching to “remain mindful”.
If you no longer search either inside or out, and only “remain mindful”
Then the True Mind will always be clear and manifest.
Along with this practice, through devotion and effort
You will be able to rid yourself of remaining karma and accumulate virtue.
The purpose of JeongMaek Zen center is to allow students to awaken themselves and become the vast containers of the Mahayana, so that they can lead all sentient beings away from suffering.