Stage 2:


Practitioners will coordinate with the respective abbots of their home Zen Center. Ideally they should attend each of the monthly lectures conducted by the Zen Master, after approximately 3 to 6 years of dedicated Vipassana, the practitioner is normally ready to deepen their practice. At this time, the master will lead students to the door of enlightenment.

The second stage of one’s practice begins after a few years of diligent training through Vipassana. The practitioner should find that their powers of concentration have improved and overall their mind has less distraction.
This is an ideal time to begin a period of 100 days prayer. During this focused time, the practitioner should prostrate themselves 108 times every morning praying that their mind opens to the all encompassing wish of the Bodhisattva. If for some reason the practitioner misses a day then they must start at the beginning. 100 days of prostrating oneself may not seem difficult, but without serious devotion and a strong commitment, it is not easy to finish. This is an important barrier one must cross for their future practice and must be completed before meeting with the master for instruction.



When meeting with Master Daewon, the practitioner will receive instruction that will lead them to enlightening to their Original Nature and then the necessary subsequent practice. After enlightening and receiving confirmation from his teacher Master JeonGang, Master Daewon spent several years teaching, seeing which methods worked among his students. Among all of Buddhas teachings, he found the most efficient and certain way to lead people to see their self nature.
In The Surangama Sutra the Buddha spoke of how Kwan Yin Bodhisattva penetrated the door of enlightenment by perceiving the nature of sound, and the efficiency of this method.

Master Daewon does not just give out the hwadu “What is this?”, like what is common today in Korea. Instead he instructs students to reflect inwardly, and then they will naturally become one with the “what is this?” hwadu. Through the inward reflection of sound, the student will become immersed into their self nature and become enlightened. From the time of the Sixth Patriarch in China until now, it is very rare to find a teacher who can immediately direct a practitioner to see their Original Nature.