Moonzen Press

Moonzen Press is established by Zen Master Daewon‘s wish. He has three great vows to follow until all beings are free from suffering: to enlighten to the Truth, to speak only the Truth, and to teach only the Truth.

We correct incorrect translations of existing sutras and zen books. Also we rewrite them in modern language and style for people to understand easily. Mainly among the Tripitaka Koreana(collection of eighty-thousand Tripitaka) and Quotation of the Zen Patriarchs, we have published many great Buddhist books which can help the contemporary practitioners to study Zen Buddhism. These include: Diamond Sutra, Prajñā-Paramitā Sutra (The Heart Sutra), Vimalakirtinirdesha Sutra, The Record of Transmission of the Lamp, Songs of Zen, etc.

We published Zen Master Daewon’s Dharma talks, zen poems and writings which are helpful to practitioners and beginners alike. These publications will shine light onto the subjects that every human being searches for: the origin of existence, the fundamental meaning of life, and the absolute Truth.

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