International Union to Prevent Desertification
사막화 방지 국제 연대

The desert has a vital role in the earth’s ecosystem and is necessary to maintain the climate of the planet.  

The immediate goal of IUCD is to prevent the continued desertification of valuable land, and long term goal is to develop a means in which we can properly use the important desert environment. The IUCD is looking at technology (Seawater irrigating seawater / grassland forming project) which will use ocean water to bring life back into the areas that have already been affected by desertification. In this way we can turn barren, arid land back into productive grasslands. IUCD is also continuing to look at scientific research in order to install a climate control system that will possibly prevent climate change.

Main projects

We are searching to find an efficient way to form a grassland ecosystem and ultimately help the planet restore balance and harmony.

By using a high salinity seawater irrigation system, we can bring moisture into the ground which will support the revegatation in desert areas near water. Once revegetation begins, an ecosystem can form as a food chain begins to establish itself.

In places like China and Mongolia, where seawater is not available the use of plants that don’t require much vegetation can be used also.


‘The grassland farming project’ is concerned with making grasslands with sedum, which has exceptional viability and reproductivity. This is currently being used in Burkina Faso and the Republic of Niger in West Africa, which suffers from horrific drought. Sedum can be used in a roof garden and for ground cover.

'The seawater irrigation project' installs water lines under the ground near the ocean to withdraw seawater, and this moisture makes deserts fertile and friendly to other ecosystems. Without needing to take salinity out of seawater, this system is a promising project to combat desertification.




Current activity

First step of grassland forming project:
International memorandum of understanding and actualization


In 2012 UNCCD was held in ChangWon, IUPD has created a MOU with Burkina Faso and Republic of Niger in West Africa. Starting with localization for ‘grassland forming project’, IUPD constructs a facility in order to assist the expansion of the grasslands. We already made progress in three experiments, and will continuously provide updates.



The preparation for grass forming
Housing system for growing sedum


In comparatively fertile locations in Burkina Faso and Republic of Niger of West Africa, we plan to make a facility to produce a sustainable supply of Sedum. This can then be spread by using helicopters. By repeating this process the vegetation will gradually gain root and grasslands will begin to spread.


2013.11.25 ~ 2014.3.24 (four month)
Research for Localization
To determine the environment where Sedum grows.

2015.03.08 ~ 2015.06.23 (three month)
Monitoring progress of growth

By directly planting in desert, we determine if Sedum can grow in cold and dry environments
Finding methods to prevent Sedum from being consumed by insects.

2016.03 ~ (on progress)
management support

Experts construct and manage sedum supplies; support the process.
Local manager and equipment needed.
Online Instructions and seminars


제목 없음-2

Foundation of IUPD

In order to prevent desertification Zen Master DaeWon founded the International Union to Prevent Desertification. With a concern for the environment and an eye on the future the IUPD is known in the international community for its unique methods to combat desertification. In the future, we would like to collaborate among different environmental organizations in order to save the earth.