Buddha’s Dharma,

Awakens us to our True Self so we can become Buddha.

Buddhism is the teaching of Buddha. The teaching which shows us how to become Buddha.
And it is simply awakening to our genuine self. It is allowing our inherent wisdom to bloom like a flower, countless of flowers- blooming in the paradise of Nirvana.


Dharma Talk : The Songs of Zen

July 24, 2016 (sun)

The grand book, The Songs of Zen, contains all of the historical Kong-An’s, as well as commentaries from past Masters. Originally compiled by the Chinese Zen Master Xuedou Zhongxian but completed by the Korean National Master JinGak in the 13th century. Even if one is enlightened, many of these Kong-an’s are still so difficult that no one has attempted to comment on all of the Kong-An’s until now. Zen Master DaeWon has compiled this book in its entirety and added his own comments to the historical ones in the book.
(Excerpt from Introduction)

Main Hall of SeongBul Temple International Zen Center


Dharma talk of this week

Dharma talk of this week
‘The Songs of Zen, Volume 2’
11am to 1pm
SeongDoSa at GwangJu
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At Dongsan-ri, Maejeon-myeon, Cheongdo-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do, May you and everyone you love receive the blessings from the wise and virtuous Buddha.
Pusan JaMoSa Temple acquired some land in Cheongdo-gun and is currently constructing a new temple, YookJoSa Temple. We appeal for your generous support to help us ensure that we can continue to spread the correct teachings of the Buddha.

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Humankind is now beginning to face the catastrophic effects of climate change and more specifically desertification. IUPD continues working projects in Burkina Faso and Republic of Niger, to prevent desertification that leads to abnormal climate changes.

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Translated by Zen master DaeWon the ‘Avataṃsaka Sūtra’ presents the unfathomable lotus world of buddha to the reader. This publication is made possible by the generous donations of lay people. Continued donations are necessary for complete publication of the 81 volumes.

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